Thursday, July 18, 2013

Last day in Paris

Yes, C'est vrai.
Within 48 hours, I will be on a Thalys train bound for Amsterdam Centraal,
abandoning the city of life for (first) the city of herring (and weed)
and then a bunch of other metropolises (Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Munich) with more copious beer but cooler weather.
I will miss:
-The crisp gooey sweetness of the boulangerie's morning Pain aux Viennois and the soft, warm freshness of its afternoon baguette.
-The narrow, sloping streets of the Latin quarter, each winding to reveal another quaint café or brasserie or neoclassical Sorbonne building
-Being reminded daily (in the skyline or panoramic view) of my proximity to the "great monuments" of western civilization*
-Cheap, decent-tasting wine
-Parks crowded with picnickers, couples, old people relaxing-i.e. that serve as social spaces

I will not miss:
-The predominance of a neoclassical style of architecture: grandiose but boring (and merely a predecessor to cities like DC)
-Jam-packed subways at rush hour (though I wonder if Berlin might be the same)
-Aloof mentality of Parisian people (a stereotype that is frequently true:()
-Cliques that have started to form within the program (from which I, being awkward as I am, have felt largely excluded).

Plus, this article on the Egyptian Revolution reminds me of the class I took last fall (on the Arab Spring):

Oh well, I am rambling off into idleness again.

So long until Amsterdam.

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