Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

First off, Happy and Healthy New Year to any readers of my blog out there.
2014 will confront me with several testy but exciting challenges.
In the next twelve months, I will need to complete a Bachelor's thesis, take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Graduate School Examination, find a full-time career for after I graduate and complete my coursework with outstanding marks so that I can graduate with honors.
The degree to which I succeed in these endeavors will influence my success in applying to graduate school. For that reason, I am ignoring the more typical, mundane resolutions (e.g. learning the drums or getting a car) this New Year's.
By starting off with a full-formed blog post, I hope to establish a pattern of disciplined regularity in my writing that will be essential to achieving the desired outcome in all of the upcoming tasks.
Speaking of my writing, Friday will mark the one-year anniversary of this blog. In that time, I will have made more than 51 posts or approximately one post per week!
That may not be the daily or twice-weekly pace that I had originally hoped for but it is a marked improvement over my progress at the old Livejournal site (60 posts in the course of three-and-a-half years).
On a final note, I chanced across two great articles in the American Conservative (one of the few right-wing publications that offers genuine intellectual output) today. One on the futility of neo-con "you're with us or against us" foreign policy thinking and the other, by Andrew Bacevich on America's alienation from its entangling conflicts, a complement to my piece last January on the fin-de-siecle.
Read up, comment and welcome to 2014, landofrye's second year on blogger!

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