Saturday, August 23, 2014

Trip to New York and D.C.

I've been blogging an awful lot about the Israel-Palestine conflict this summer (in fact its probably the only subject I've commented on in depth) for quite an obvious reason: namely the sheer horror being perpetuated in Gaza and the callous reaction it has elicited from fellow members of the Jewish community.

Throughout the next week, expect more writing on Israel-Palestine from a different vein.

I will be participating in a trip through the Olive Tree Initiative that will take me and fellow UC students to Washington and New York to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with American and UN policymakers. (we were originally supposed to travel to Israel-Palestine as well but that got canceled, thanks to the fighting)

Throughout the trip, through my encounters with representatives of government agencies, non-profit institutions, and think tanks, I will attempt to assess the viable US policy options for peace in the aftermath of the Gaza conflict. Specific questions that I have in mind include:
-Now that Israel is negotiating with Hamas, what role should the US allow for Hamas in a future political solution?
-Does the White House suspension of the sale of hellfire missiles to Israel suggest a new policy of stricter conditionality for US weapons sales to Israel?
-In light of the collapse of the latest round of peace talks, is a two-state solution still viable?

Stay tuned for more...

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