Monday, September 14, 2015

LA's Olympic Bid: A boon for infrastructure?

Normally, I would be completely opposed to the idea of Los Angeles hosting the Olympics.

After all, the Games are notorious for shouldering host cities with a tremendous debt burden, much of which is directed towards building needless sport infrastructure, that may eventually serve as mundane a purpose as parking (if not becoming abandoned)

Nevertheless, according to today's Los Angeles times, the Olympics could provide Metro with the funding pitch (and the ego boost ) needed to (finally!!) make serious progress on its rail expansion efforts.

A Purple Line to Westwood and an LAX People Mover by 2024?

With the Crenshaw, Expo, Gold and Regional Lines also slated for completion by that point in time, Los Angeles might finally get somewhere. (though not nearly close to full transit connectivity.)

Let's hope that Metro tacks on a Crenshaw Line extension to Hollywood and the Sepulveda Pass subway to its fast track list.

And let's hope that Los Angeles at least stays in the Olympic running long enough for Metro to wriggle the funding dollars and the dynamic energy necessary to achieve a transit-friendly future.

If the 2024 LA Olympics spurs as much transit investment as logo snazziness, then I would be all in favor.

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