Friday, June 21, 2013

Eurotrip-Day 0

Im packing and grabbing
and hustling and stuffing
and screaming and running...

and madly dashing to get as much  as I can in my suitcase before 12:45 in the afternoon.

All the plans and probabilities,
the moonlight chill on the Champs-Elysee,
the UV rays in the Austrian Oberland
and two 1.5 inch binders...
Must all fit within a space of 28 inches by 15

My "Eurotrip" is about to begin
A travel fanatic's lifelong dream
54 minutes into the day of departure

And yet I still scurry and quibble with my mother,
Gangly and young in my Los Angeles apartment
Passing the time with errands

Soon I will be off in Paris. And then studying.
And then the Netherlands, Denmark, Prague, and Germany.

I do not merely wish to travel as a tourist, snapping pictures and grabbing up Chinese tschochtkes
but make sense of my encounters with Europeans, their governance of society and everyday life, and how I respond...
I want to write something down at least once every three days, frequently enough to prevent time from sweeping underneath the trip of my life.

Its not going to all be as poetic or jarring (based on your perspective) as this past soliloquy. I'm just trying to get myself in the mood and my thoughts off my chest.

Well, I'm another 50 minutes closer and I've gotta get some sleep before the flight.

For now, Bon voyage!

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