Monday, January 21, 2013

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My nasal canal, oral cavity, cerebellum and the rest of my anterior skull are almost universally swathed in that intolerable plaster known as mucus. My forehead, although no longer throbbing like a rebounding spring, still shoots a discomforting chill down my spine and my body reacts accordingly with the slightest change in temperature.
Despite my meddlesome fever-turned-cold, I have been convinced by my roommate to go ahead and help him write a song. Go figure. Anyhow so we goofed around dicked off what not for about thirty minutes with lyrics and then he had to go to sleep. And that leaves me here, my nose as clogged as a tenement's plumbing and no one to care but my whiny little self.
Anyway, being sick makes you realize how precious each day is, as an increment of time. Monday night, I returned from class feeling fatigued and headachy, and felt the full-on chills as I lay down to rest. Tuesday, I had a recurring headache and chills most of the day and managed to get through my classes and do some homework barely enduring the rhythm of aching, tingling, shuttering (I conked out earlier than usual). Wednesday's early-morning queasiness confined my schedule to attending a single discussion which culminated in my dashing out of the Public Affairs building to-not vomit, but-poop diaherretically on the grass. I quenched a modicum of vitamin water, broth and a Tylenol tablet and napped (with occasional breaks) for the remaining duration. Now it is Friday by the calendar (though I conceive of it more as a "late night" Thursday) and I realize that, aside from that previous "drowsy" rant that I wrote when first descending into illness, have gotten little if anything accomplished. No office hour visits to impress. No language clubs to practice. No drawn-out sessions of article writing for the Generation. The day-to-day routine of my existence hollowed, I realized what little value I had given to the increments of time that I utilized.

Now I conclude this piece three days later, in the wee hours of Monday January the 21st. It has been a decent weekend. I participated in a mock "Model UN" competition that is a prerequisite for joining the travel  team that will compete in the actual Model UN competition in Berkeley to be held this March. I then went home for the weekend, found (after eating yogurt without harm) that I had finally kicked the last vestiges of my cold, and have since boded time working writing pieces such as this. Ah, life runs so smoothly to the pace of words. Next time, folks!

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