Monday, January 7, 2013

First blog session of the year

Today, I return to school following my three-week winter vacation.

I feel refreshed, well-fed (thanks to the gratuitous appetite only encouraged by Chinese family Holiday banquets), and energized by the possibilities that abound for the year 2013!

For one thing, my Global Studies major (interdisciplinary, international relations-like program) requires that I "study" in Europe before the end of the year, an obligation that I will likely fulfill during the summer months. I will travel alone, for my first time, enabling for all sorts of adventures and hopefully, the development of a greater sense of independence and self-responsibility.

More immediately, I seek to raise money to fund the trip costs, my current tuition, and sky-high living expenses. (yikes!) Being young, 21, in Hollywood, with a roommate studying theater, I hope to dabble in film-writing, song-writing (utilizing my sister's talent). as well as writing research articles, and see where it all leads.

With that said, it is getting past my bedtime. Good-bye for now!

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