Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scanning an ex-friend's Facebook.

When you swing from side to side,
between two eras or galaxies
and your face quivers like a monkey's...
You face those dirty little secrets.

On the phone…
Her voice stammers softly, like a child’s
Still…couched by lost desires
At twenty-one,…this barbituated alibi
In 2011, online…has the face aged?

A private photo, a new name,
Icons that would put to shame...
Amidst the timeline, comments flash,
Once "friends" poked, now they're blocked.

The two dates, "created"..."today,"
Different dimensions, one Facebook page.
When #s were low and convo feeds longer...
Before the wasted nights, futile binges, spent sex and drugs...
When we just frolicked and joshed...
on playgrounds, at playdates.
Immediate laughter, encroaching euphoria
that you now shoot up in silence ...?

The messages I last sent now fall "deleted,"
The spikes in your haircut make me shiver,,
Who is that "husband"? Where are our photos?
Once a source of youthful joy,
now divided and torn...

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