Thursday, January 24, 2013

Poem for Sandy

Some days, I bawl hysterically
Some days, I hardly talk.
Some days I run for hour times
Some days I just eat up

Twelve hours, life doles out:
What conference, what ceremony
What class to attend...
and sleep through?
A new news article, the equation?=
the least time writing and the most polished resume.
In the peak of the sun,
I ruffle my ear
with loud but constant beats
and play a few rounds.
Then I check my mail.
responses to answer,
and people to meet.

Real people, my family
hanging on the wall by my bedside.
The years tick off,
 the inbox grows,
and a new modell
But,...what about the guy?
Who helped out at Pesach?
Or brought bedtime stories.
Will we see Next Year?
She then gave him three weeks.
The guarantee of the schedule of life,
hijacked by a tumor.

Oh cousin Sandy!
If only I could see you now
With the smile, you could always put on our faces
The gentle love, concern for all
The years have gone by,
I've brought life up to pace
But those like you
who always stood by.
Now leave me to cry
and cause all to awe
of how much earth means
to appreciate it,
and others
so that they realize what fun they had,
while mourning your loss.

the way he used to
What to do

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